2023 Vision

Vision Statement

Following Jesus, we are Called to be Caring, Committed, Courageous.


It is God who takes the initiative. God has made this world and loves us beyond measure. The story of God is the story of His constant longing to draw His precious creation back to Himself so that we might flourish in all that we have been created to be, and that we might live well with God and with others.


In his first letter in the Bible, John reminds his readers that ‘we love because He first loved us’. As those who are cared for by God, we are called to care for others and for the precious Creation in which we live.


We are all on a journey in our faith and thus seek to develop and deepen our faith. We are committed to be people for whom our love of God really does shape our priorities in how we live day to day.


We are called to be those who make a difference in a world that might not understand our faith, and to make the love of God visible to all around us. We seek to be people who have the courage to make an even greater difference in our communities, joining with God in bringing hope, transformation and new life.

  • Church of England.
  • Diocese of York.