1945-1947 Basil Earle Shaw

Rev. Basil Earle Shaw 1945-1947

Basil Earle Shaw was born in 1906, the son of the curate at Sherburn-in-Elmet, but sadly his mother did not survive the birth. It appears that Basil was not expected to survive either as he was baptised privately on the day of his birth. His father became vicar of North Newbald near Hull in 1911, and Basil was sent to Hymers College in Hull. His father didn’t remarry until Basil was almost 12, and then died when Basil was only 14.

However, Basil was a bright pupil and went on to study Classics at Brasenose College, Oxford, followed by theological studies at Wells. His first curacy was at Leeds Parish Church, where he was also a hospital chaplain. In 1933 he served as a naval chaplain for four years, prior to his first experience of parish life as a vicar in Sheriff Hutton. For most of World War II, he was vicar of Thorne near Doncaster. He was still single, aged 34.

Basil came to Dringhouses a couple of months after Leslie Wilkinson left, when the effects of war were still being felt. The meat ration was cut to even less than its wartime level, and in 1946 even bread was added to the rations. The winter of 1946 saw some of the lowest temperatures on record. The Wilkinson family had not found the vicarage a comfortable (or healthy) home, so it is not surprising that Basil’s health suffered. He experienced periods of illness and eventually had to tender his resignation.

After his illness, Basil worked at Beverley Minster for ten years. Here he would be part of a team, without the particular responsibilities which a parish appointment brings. He was obviously well enough after this period to take up parish work again. His final parish was at  St Elgin’s Church, North Frodingham, near Driffield, where he stayed 13 years before retiring to Hull. For almost 25 years, Basil lived in the parish of St John Newland. This was the church where his parents had been married. He assisted with services at St John’s in his retirement and lived to the age of 90.

  • Church of England.
  • Diocese of York.