The Porch

St. Edward’s Parish Magazine, also called The Porch, is published ten times a year.  It contains information about the life of the church plus articles written by church members. The Porch Editorial Team are Ian Addyman, Linda Sykes and Helen Wren with June Fawcett continuing as our proof-reader. Isobel Goforth deals with the advertising and the Parish Office is responsible for distribution.  If you would like to contact the Porch Editorial team or send an article for publication,  then please email [email protected]

The Porch is published both online and in a printed magazine.  If you would like to receive The Porch in print, then please contact the Parish Office on 01904 709111 or email [email protected].  The cost is £13 which is £8.00 for the magazine and £5.00 for the postage.  In January, a letter will be sent to all subscribers about the 2022 Porch.  We will be returning to home distribution for the February edition and the cost will return to £8.

The December copy of the Porch is now available online by following the link below and will be sent to homes when the printed copies are received.

The theme of the Porch this month is Gifts

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