The Porch

St. Edward’s Parish Magazine, also called The Porch, is published ten times a year.  It contains information about the life of the church plus articles written by church members.  In the past, this has  only existed in print, however, in the light of current world events surrounding COVID-19, it makes sense to make it available to our community online. In terms of returning to printed copy, the Church of England website states, ‘Coronavirus COVID-19 may live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, and so any paper represents a transmission risk. For this reason, parishes are encouraged to look to digital communication and telephone calls to keep in touch.’   The Porch will therefore continue in digital format for the foreseeable future.

The November copy of the Porch is now available by following the link below.  We appreciate that not everyone has internet access, so if you know of someone who may like a printed version (bearing in mind the above advice), then Wendy in the Parish Office will put a printed copy in the post.  Parish Office contact details are: [email protected] or telephone 01904 709111.  Thank you.

Nov 2020 Porch

Oct 2020 Porch

Sept 2020 Porch

July Aug 2020 Porch

June 2020 Porch

May 2020 Porch

Apr 2020 Porch website

However, we thought that a walk down memory lane may also be welcomed.


Sept 2018 Porch


So here are copies September 2008/October 2008

Sept Porch Web 2008

Oct Porch Web 2008


January Porch Web 2009

February Porch Web 2009

April Porch Web 2009

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