Holiday Club 2021

Holiday Club 2021

So, that is it for another year!  Holiday Club is over for 2021, and our newscasters have investigated the special story tapes.  However, Tilly’s Uncle G suggests it is always worth travelling back in time to the reports just to see if you missed anything!  Go back in time once more to see Annie Action’s interviews and listen to Rapha and Cherub as they interrupt Ian’s interesting broadcasts.  Sing along with the advert breaks – can you do the actions yet??  

Big thanks to our Holiday Club Team:  Susan Story (aka Katie), Tilly Tale (aka Mary), Annie Action (aka Helen), Sonny Day (aka Jacob), Rapha (aka Helen), Cherub (aka Linda) , The Animator (aka Emma) and Debbie who is, well, Debbie!

Day One: Palm Sunday

Today we learn to train as Newscasters and discover how Jesus entered Jerusalem, on what was to become know as Palm Sunday. Join us!

Day Two: A Gift for Jesus

Jesus meets a woman with a very large jar of perfume….

Day Three: The Last Supper

Jesus shares an important meal with his disciples…

Day Four: The Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus prays in the garden whilst the disciples nod off…

Day Five: The End?

What is in store today for Annie Action as she goes back in time to witness the events of Good Friday and beyond…?









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