Day 24

Day 24

John 1: 5 

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. 

Light Breaks In

Apparently the unaided human eye can see the light from a candle from up to 1.5 miles away.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much for the darkness to seem a little less dark.  And the Christmas story is full of light breaking into a seemingly dark world, whether the light of the Angel Choirs serenading the shepherds, or the star light that guided the magi to see the one true light in the manger.   

Nevertheless sometimes light can be uncomfortable as it helps us to see our situation more clearly, for better and for worse.   

But the invitation of God is to step into the light and to be transfigured by that experience, so that we can be those who then reflect that light to those around us.  With the angels, we get to sing songs of blessing over a world that needs to know peace.  With the shepherds and the magi, we get to journey out of our comfort zones, and witness for ourselves those places where God is bringing light and hope.  May that light of Christ be ours this Christmas, knowing that the light shines in the darkness and that darkness has not overcome it. 




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