Day 22

Day 22

Luke 2:19 

But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart. 


I love the resonance of Mary’s actions after the visit of the shepherds, and the heavenly host of angels-  she ‘treasured all these words’ and ‘pondered’ them.  Indeed, Luke, the gospel writer, must have thought this an important aspect of Mary’s personality, because he repeated another example of Mary treasuring her memories.  This was after the 12 year old  Jesus had discussions with leading rabbis,  reminding her this was no ordinary son.

Pondering is a lovely Advent word – reminding us to pause and reflect in the midst of all our Christmas preparations.  This picture is from an old Christmas card – I keep ones with spiritual significance and this one spoke to me.  Unlike most nativity scenes, Joseph is included as an equal partner. The holy family form an unbreakable circle, reminding us that Joseph provided that secure environment in which to build Mary’s treasured memories. As you hang up your Christmas cards, take a moment to ponder any images that speak to you, perhaps to pray for the sender, or to give thanks for the treasured memories you have.


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