Pause to Reflect

Below are the previous links to Thursday Reflections.

Gill Stamp – Reflection on the Rainbow

Reflection on the Rainbow

Anna Diget – Reflection on Priorities

Yippee, church is closed

Linda Sykes – Reflection on Placing Trust

Put not your trust in Princes

Richard Carew – Reflection on Touch

Reflections on Touch

Michael Sargent – Reflection on VE Day

VE Day 2020

Daphne Green – Reflection on Unexpected Gifts in Lockdown

Gifts in Lockdown

Gill Stamp reflects on God is Not Distant

God is not distant

DVDS on YouTube

The following link leads to DVD reflections on the Seasons of York, Stations of the Cross and the Virtual Garden Tour – plus previous services.

Support Material From Services

200503 Life in all its fullness

200510 Faithfulness in following

200517 God Breathed Faithfulness

200531 Pentecost

200607 Trinity Sunday

200614 First Sunday after Trinity

200621 2nd Sunday after Trinity

200628 3rd Sunday after Trinity

200705 4th Sunday after Trinity

200712 5th Sunday after Trinity

200719 6th Sunday after Trinity

200726 7th Sunday after Trinity

200802 8th Sunday after Trinity

200809 9th Sunday after Trinity

2008016 10th Sunday after Trinity

200823 11th Sunday after Trinity

Online Resources

 The Church of England daily prayer

Sacred Space

Songs of Praise

Available through the BBC website.

Creative Prayer Worship

The Church of England has some ideas for our prayer life.

Creative prayer worship



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